Jaxx to Add Litecoin to Mobile Wallet Despite Apple ‘Blacklist’ Issues

The popular, multi-cryptocurrency wallet application Jaxx has just revealed that it will integrate Litecoin. Toronto-based Decentral details that the fourth-most valuable digital currency will be added to all nine Jaxx platforms this October. Due to Customer Demand, Jaxx Wallet Adds Litecoin This move comes in response to significant community demand for Jaxx to add Litecoin … Read more

Blockchain Revolution Won’t Happen ‘Soon’, Says Bank of England

The Bank of England has been one of the more aggressive central banks to investigate blockchain and distributed ledger technology, but at least one of its officials doesn’t believe widespread adoption will happen anytime soon. Andrew Hauser, the central bank’s executive director for banking, payments and financial resilience, made the remarks during a speech on the … Read more

China’s Increasing Debt Burden Could Affect the Bitcoin Economy

According to the Bank for International Settlements’ credit-to-GDP gap, China could be dangerously close to a banking crisis that could threaten the future growth of the entire economy. Is China’s Debt-driven Economy on an Unsustainable Path? The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a widely-respected financial watchdog, has reported that China’s “credit-to-GDP gap” has reached 30.1. … Read more