Ethereum Hard Fork: Untested Code Put Investors at Risk

The Ethereum hard fork, executed to prevent future hacks like the DAO fiasco, marks the first Ethereum bailout, according to Frances Coppola, a finance, banking and economics journalist, writing in Forbes. The Ethereum community needed the hard fork to prevent future hacks because the code wasn’t properly tested to begin with, disproving the claim of … Подробнее

34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin POS Terminal, Offers Merchants a Chance to Win a Free Fully Functional Prototype

The new fully functional Bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminals by Los Angles based 34 Bytes, LLC has entered the beta testing phase. Merchants taking part in the beta launch will get to use the POS terminal for free. July 14, 2016 Los Angeles – The Bitcoin point-of-sale terminal by 34 Bytes has now entered the beta … Подробнее

Philippines Customers Can Pay Consumer Loans, Bills with Bitcoin

Philippines-based bitcoin services company now allows its users to repay consumer loans with bitcoin – increasing the number of products Filipinos can buy with digital currency. 70+ Bill Payment Options & Loans is providing the payment gateway for local consumer finance company Home Credit. Home Credit provides non-cash loans through in-store financing, mainly for … Подробнее

China’s Constant Bubbles Drive Investors to Bitcoin in Droves

China’s economic problems may only just be starting, and bitcoin is poised to benefit more than ever before. On top of the ongoing currency devaluations, bubbles are popping in many different industry segments across China, including stock and property markets. As a result, investors are eyeing bitcoin as an alternative. Chinese Investors Moving into Bitcoin Investors … Подробнее

Ripple & Coinbase Want to Operate in New York

A notice published on the The New York State Department of Financial Services’s (NYDFS) website shows that the state agency received application from both companies on April 28th, 2016. These notices are generally published after cryptocurrency firms have already completed the necessary paperwork — signaling that the licensing process is nearly complete. However, the time-frame … Подробнее