Central Bank of Argentina Calls on the Bitcoin and Blockchain Community

The Central Bank of Argentina and government representatives have asked the Bitcoin community to join efforts to eradicate financial exclusion, transform the financial industry, promote financial opportunities, and reduce inflation. Officials made their request at the Latin America Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (laBITconf), on November 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Central Bank of Argentina Approaches … Read more

Uncertainty Reigns — Will Bitcoin?

As one political party moves out and President-elect Trump moves in, what’s in store for the economy, money, monetary policy and fiscal policies? In the latest PYMNTS Topic TBD installment, Lawnmower Founder Alex Sunnarborg told Karen Webster that one thing’s for sure: It’s bitcoin’s (and cryptocurrencies’) time to shine.   Bitcoin is the Rashomon of … Read more

Vcash: A Cryptocurrency That Completes Transactions Without Confirmations

A newly-launched cryptocurrency called Vcash (XVC) offers a zero time feature that allows users to complete transactions without confirmation. It is also developing a “ZeroLedger” feature to allow users to download the currency’s blockchain in seconds. Vcash is traded on the Poloniex, Bittrex and RAWX exchanges, according to its website. Spend Coins Immediately The company … Read more

Florida Man Charged In Connection With Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

U.S. prosecutors late last week charged a Florida man in connection with an illegal bitcoin exchange. According to a report by Reuters, Ricardo Hill, 38, was arrested in Florida in October and charged with conspiring to operate an unlicensed money transmitting firm. Hill is linked to an illegal bitcoin exchange owned by a person in Israel that … Read more