IBM’s Cloud-Based Blockchains Secure & Regulatory Compliant

IBM believes that with better security and satisfying corporate requirements early on, it can allow anyone to securely operate distributed ledger framework in the cloud. Developers can apply this protocol to government services, healthcare, and financial applications without worrying about compliance. Jerry Cuomo, vice president, Blockchain IBM says clients they spoke with want top-notch security when using cloud-based blockchain services. So the firm is defining a shielded operation that ensures a secure cloud platform that hosts distributed ledger infrastructure.


Enterprise ready blockchains are at the forefront of major institutions everywhere, and IBM wants to spearhead this technological breakthrough. Legacy companies who are backing the project include the London Stock Exchange, Cisco, JPMorgan, State Street, Intel, and other firms. The IBM cloud production can be optimized in minutes offering an “auditable operating environment with comprehensive log data” and “Tamper-resistant storage of crypto keys.” Furthermore, the company says the service allows blockchain peers to run in highly secure and protected environments within its cloud services.

The cloud-based platform is built to scale “thousands of users” that can run certified and tested software with analytic support. The new framework is expected to ensure the data and assets being exchanged or held within the IBM cloud will be immutable to hackers. Current database technology is inefficient and has been subject to numerous breaches and attacks in the past. The blockchain technology IBM is constructing will allow a trusted network between multiple parties without the involvement of middlemen.


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