Jaxx to Add Litecoin to Mobile Wallet Despite Apple ‘Blacklist’ Issues

WalletThe popular, multi-cryptocurrency wallet application Jaxx has just revealed that it will integrate Litecoin. Toronto-based Decentral details that the fourth-most valuable digital currency will be added to all nine Jaxx platforms this October.

Due to Customer Demand, Jaxx Wallet Adds Litecoin

JaxxThis move comes in response to significant community demand for Jaxx to add Litecoin to its list of supported currencies. The integration is scheduled to take place this October after getting pre-approval from Apple’s App Store.

Litecoin is soon approaching its 5th birthday, and has a market cap valued at roughly $180 million USD.

Similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin has gained the status as a trusted cryptocurrency with a relatively large following. Alongside its Jaxx integration, the Litecoin development team will push out Segwit integration, memory usage improvements, faster signature validation, and possibly confidential transactions.

Jaxx says they are pleased to add Litecoin, as it been a cryptocurrency favorite for quite some time. In the coming months, Jaxx notes that they will also add several more cryptocurrencies to the lineup.

Jaxx Founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio stated in the Litecoin integration announcement:

We received countless requests from the community to add support for Litecoin, and we knew it was already accepted by Apple on the AppStore, so for us it’s a perfect fit and makes the most sense right now. Litecoin has stood the test of time; it’s very popular at number four, and it boasts better transaction times than Bitcoin.

Litecoin Community Members Appreciate Jaxx’s Multi-Currency Options

Charlie Lee Litecoin
Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin

Andrew Vegetabile, Director of the Litecoin Association, says having Jaxx’s Litecoin implementation presents a great opportunity. According to Vegetabile, it gives a “sense of unity” when utilizing a platform that allows various cryptocurrencies.

“This partnership enables those cross community members to access their various cryptocurrencies in one platform without having to worry about keeping up with multiple wallets and applications,” Vegetabile added.

Since launching in June of 2016, Jaxx has accrued over 50,000 downloads. The wallet platform aims to be the premiere application for people managing digital wealth, explains Di Iorio.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is thrilled to see his coin become a member of the Jaxx roster, stating:

I created Litecoin to complement, instead of compete, with Bitcoin. I’ve always envisioned a future where people transact in multiple different cryptocurrencies. Jaxx is one of the easiest to use wallets and I’m excited to be able to hold both my bitcoins and litecoins in the same wallet.

Roadblocks Aside, Jaxx Will Still Add More Cryptocurrency Support

Jaxx says they will continue to progress its efforts to add cryptocurrencies to its platform. Recently, the company has had trouble with the iOS App store, with Apple only allowing certain digital assets.

However, the company plans on working to get as many reliable cryptocurrencies added to the Jaxx wallet.

“Customers can now access their portfolio of coins, trade them, and hold onto their keys without having to trust a centralized exchange,” Di Iorio said.


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