Vcash: A Cryptocurrency That Completes Transactions Without Confirmations

A newly-launched cryptocurrency called Vcash (XVC) offers a zero time feature that allows users to complete transactions without confirmation. It is also developing a “ZeroLedger” feature to allow users to download the currency’s blockchain in seconds.

Vcash is traded on the Poloniex, Bittrex and RAWX exchanges, according to its website.

Spend Coins Immediately

The company claims the “ZeroTime” feature means that Vcash users do not need recourse to centralized masternodes. ZeroTime, according to the website, is a breakthrough technology that allows a recipient to immediately not only own the coins but be able to spend them. The coins can also be re-spent many times among recipients before being consolidated into the ledger.

The company is also developing a “ZeroLedger” feature to allow users to download the XVC blockchain within seconds.

Vcash protects user privacy with a built-in blender and also provides high scalability with its dynamic block size.

Vcash can be used on Zeroslot and other online gambling applications that only accept cryptocurrency.

Based On Peercoin

Vcash was built over a period of several years using Peercoin as a reference implementation for interoperability and backward compatibility purposes, according to the website.

The Vcash market capitalization is $3,715,412 (5.09 BTC), according to The XVC price was 0.0004 BTC this month.


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